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Leoch Battery - Ford Q1 Awarding Ceremony Successfully Held !



On November 17th, the "Go Further Win The Future Together" Ford Q1 Awarding Ceremony was successfully held at the Vietnam production base of Leoch. Mr. Tien, Ford STA Quality Expert, Mrs. Liu Weiliang, General Manager of Leoch Automotive Supporting Equipment, and Mr. Yang Jianfeng, General Manager of Vietnam Plant Operations, attended the ceremony and witnessed the important moment together.


Along with the opening show, the ceremony was officially opened. Mrs. Liu Weiliang made an opening speech, reviewing the cooperation between Leoch and Ford. Tien, the Quality Expert of Ford STA, gave a speech on the stage to congratulate Leoch for obtaining the Ford Q1, and recognized Leoch's excellent supply and quality performance. During the awarding ceremony, Mr. Yang Jianfeng accepted the Q1 award issued by Mr. Tien on behalf of Ford, and a solemn Q1 flag-raising ceremony was held on the site, which was slowly raised under the witness of all the attendees, which means an important milestone in Leoch's quality development.


Mr. Yang Jianfeng said that as a preferred supplier of Ford Motor worldwide, Leoch should continue to improve product quality, enhance the level of quality management, and devote ourselves to the quality tracking and continuous improvement in the entire life span of the products from design and R&D to manufacturing, warehousing and logistics to after-sales service, and adhere to the PDCA cycle of improvement. Secondly, we have to continuously improve the awareness of responsibility of all staff, keep the quality of the product at all levels, pay attention to the process interface and input-output relationship, and ensure the delivery of qualified and high-quality products to customers.


Q1 is the abbreviation of Quality is No.1, i.e. quality first. The Q1 supplier qualification of Ford Motor Company is an influential mark of supplier product quality assessment and certification in the automotive industry, which is the highest honor given by Ford Motor Company to its suppliers, and is also the goal pursued by global automotive parts manufacturing enterprises.