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Leoch at Ees Europe: Navigating the Future of Energy Storage


As the curtains fall on the ees Europe 2024, one of the continent's largest and most prestigious exhibitions for batteries and energy storage systems, we at Leoch reflect with immense pride and satisfaction on our successful participation.


As a global leading power solution provider, Leoch is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge energy supply products and services to customers worldwide. At this year's exhibition, Leoch showcased all-scenario energy storage solutions designed to meet diverse energy storage needs, including telecom power, residential energy storage solutions, container energy storage systems (ESS), commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage systems, and transportation power solutions.

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Residential Energy Storage System: Building Sustainable Homes

Leoch's Residential Energy Storage System (RESS) is a comprehensive solution developed specifically for stable household power supply, featuring high operating efficiency, safety, and compatibility. This product integrates an inverter with battery packs, resolving compatibility issues on the user side.

The stackable design offers customizable capacity with plug connections, ensuring easy installation without messy wiring. Users can effortlessly expand capacities to meet specific power needs. Leoch’s self-developed battery cells and Battery Management System (BMS) enhance reliability.

With features ensuring adaptability to multiple scenarios and seamless integration with renewable sources, our solutions empower homeowners and enhance their quality of life.


C&I Energy Storage: Mastering Energy Needs

Leoch’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Energy Storage System highlighted our expertise in providing powerful, scalable energy solutions for businesses.

Designed to help high-energy-consuming businesses save on electricity costs and stabilize power supply, Leoch offers both liquid-cooled and air-cooled outdoor integrated cabinet solutions, featuring an all-in-one design. The system supports simultaneous integration of multiple energy sources, including loads, batteries, grid/diesel generators, and photovoltaics, with automatic switching between on-grid and off-grid modes. It supports various EMS energy strategies and can participate in electricity market transactions (VPP).

The system incorporates multiple fire extinguishing measures, including real-time cell monitoring, PACK-level protection, aerosol systems, water-based control, and explosion-proof pressure relief, ensuring safe and reliable operation. It is suitable for various demanding applications such as peak shaving, valley filling, emergency backup power, demand control, solar storage charging, and microgrids.


Container ESS: Empowering Large-Scale Energy Storage

The Leoch Container Energy Storage System (ESS) was a focal point for many industry experts and potential clients. Offering both liquid-cooled and air-cooled options, this high-energy-density and modular solution is ideal for large-scale energy storage needs. It provides a robust, flexible, and cost-effective way to store and manage energy in various industrial and commercial contexts, from grid support to renewable energy integration.

Its advanced management systems, integrated BMS, Power Conversion System (PCS), and Energy Management System (EMS) ensure optimal performance and reliability. The Container ESS is a testament to our dedication to leading the charge in energy storage innovation.

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Join Leoch on This Journey


As we conclude our participation in EES Europe 2024, we are inspired and energized by the tremendous interest and positive feedback received. This exhibition has reinforced our belief in the pivotal role of energy storage in shaping a sustainable future. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the visitors and partners. Stay connected with Leoch as we continue to innovate and lead in the energy storage sector. Together, we can create a sustainable, energy-efficient future for all.