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Distributed Energy Storage Cabinet

Product features

Main application areas

1. Adopt long-life lithium iron phosphate battery, "battery cluster + PCS + EMS" integrated outdoor cabinet

2. Outdoor cabinet design covers a small area, efficient transportation, flexible installation, convenient operation and maintenance

3. Modular design, supporting multiple machines parallelled expansion

4. Meet the dual-mode application of grid-connected and off-grid

5. Integrated intelligent air conditioning and fire fighting system

6. Achieve real-time monitoring, accurate data collection, transmission, and multi-layer electrical protection with a safe and reliable system

It can be applied in multiple fields such as load clipping, peak-to-valley arbitrage, backup power, peaking, frequency regulation, and microgrid. The system has two modes of operation: grid-connected and independent.

ModelRated CapacityNominal VoltageOperating TemperatureCooling MethodCommunication InterfaceMaximum Operating AltitudeIP ClassDimensions (mm)Voltage RangeOperating Relative Humidity

LEOCH768-05-215(Air Cooled)

215kWh768V-20~55°CIntelligent Air CoolingLAN/CAN/RS4852000mIP541750*1300*2350mm648V~876V0~95%
LEOCH768-05-215(Liquid Cooled)215kWh768V-20~55°CLiquid CoolingLAN/CAN/RS4852000mIP541350*1300*2400mm648V~876V0~95%