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48V GPS Communication Lithium Battery

Product features

Main application areas

1. Achieve real-time monitoring in battery management platform

2. Deliver messages on battery status, information, level, failure, etc.

3. Indicate the abnormal battery status, alarms, low battery, removal, vibration, and displacement

4. Track history footprint playback against burglars

5. Achieve real-time detection through GPS positioning and remote data 

6. Arrange the nearby staff to maintain according to the battery position to improve the operating efficiency

Field base stations

Temporary constructed stations

Remote base station environment

ModelVoltage(V)Capacity (Ah)HeightDimensions(mm)Nominal Energy(WhWeight(kg)Download

LFELI-48100G LFELI-48150G Specification.pdf


LFELI-48100G LFELI-48150G Specification.pdf