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48V Intelligent Lithium Battery

Product features

Main application areas

1. Recycle and expansion: can be used in combination with lead-acid and second-use lithium batteries. Compatible with the existing DC power system to reduce the cost of base station construction and maintenance

2. Auxiliary power supply: the auxiliary switching power supply achieves load shifting to save the expansion costs for base station 

3. Boost power supply: the stable discharge voltage level can be adjusted within the range of 48V to 57V, compensating for the voltage drop and reducing the line loss and investment in booster.

4. Parallel expansion: up to 32 groups connected in parallel, achieving intelligent self-management through CAN automatically assign addresses and stable continuous output

Backup power supply in the communication base station

Emergency power supply wired communication 

Bureaus (stations), switching stations

Wireless communication bureaus (stations), decentralized base stations

Electricity, military, and other types of private network communication base stations

Data transmission and TV signal transmission

Photovoltaic energy storage system

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LFELI-48100ZN Specification.pdf


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