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5G Integrated Power Battery

Product features

Main application areas

1. High charging and discharging conversion efficiency. 50% of load efficiency is up to 96%.

2. High IP65 protection level to guarantee natural heat dissipation

3. Easy to be installed, suitable for wall-mounted, flag-mounted, and other installation methods

4. Strong environmental adaptability

5. Support parallel expansion freely

6. Intelligent operation and maintenance through  terminal remote control 

7. Adopt natural heat dissipation without a built-in cooling fan

8. Diversified installation methods, supporting flat-mounted, wall-mounted, pole, and floor installed

Telecommunications - Mobile Communication / Wireless Communication.

1. Micro base station, cellular station, macro base station, transmission station, indoor distributed station

2. LTE/4G/5G/WiMAX

3. Integrated base station, marginal station, microcell station, outdoor MINI station

4. Broadband support


1. Telecom business hall

2. Indoor distribution

3. Data room

4. Broadband support

5. Fiber optic cable

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