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DU DC Power Panel Backup Power Series

Product features

Main application areas

Safest and durable life

• Adopt high energy density and safetest lithium iron battery

3-level architecture for battery manangement

• Multiple classes battery management,reliable and high effificiency

Multiple output communication interfaces

• A variety of communication methods can be selected, and these communication protocols are in line with international standards.

Automatic circulating current control and parallel or offline control

• Easily realize the parallel operation by automatic circulating current control and parallel control

Leoch offers a safe LiFePO4 battery solution for UPS and energy storage systems with good compatibility and safe long cycle life. The battery system consists of a three-level architecture, with a module-level management system BMU integrated in the battery pack, which is responsible for collecting the information of single cell voltage, module temperature, battery equalization, and communication with upper management system. The adopted CBMS cabinet-level management system is responsible for battery current detection, data collection and analysis, alarm and protection control, and communication with the upper and lower levels. The general control GBMS is responsible for data analysis, lower level system communication, and UPS communication.


Nominal Voltage(V)

Nominal capacity(Ah)

Rack size(mm)

Pack quantity


Maximum discharge rate

Cell typeOperating voltage range(V)

Charging method

Charging voltage(V)Charging current range(A)Discharge current range(A)Backup characteristics
Max parallel quantityTemperature environmentHumidity environment
Thermal management mode

Communication mode

DU110V100S01115.2100800×800/600×2260 3
Charging: 0°C ~ 35°C  Discharge: -20°C ~ +60°C  Stash: 5°C ~ +45°C5%~95%Air coolingRS 485/LAN/CAN/Dry contact
DU110V100S02108.8100800×800/600×2260 22421CLFP95.2~117.3117.310~500~1009kW-10Mins6
100800×800/600×2260 63661CLFP201.6~248.4248.410~500~10020kW-60Mins6
DU220V100S02217.6100800×800/600×2260 43341CLFP190.4~234.6234.610~500~10018kW-10Mins