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PLC+C Series

PLC+C Series

-Excellent Charging Acceptance with High Charging Efficiency,Excellent PSoC Cycle Performance under High and Low Ambient Temperature,Punched continuous grid strip

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Specification Features Application Curves
ModelRated  Voltage
V1.8 V /cell

PLC+C 180FT 1217055922.011254.9232012.632012.657.6126.98

Parameter information subject to the contract, here for your reference only.

1. Low self-discharging rate

2. Excellent Fast charging acceptance: 1 hour to 90% SoC

3. Excellent high rate discharge performance 

4. Advanced lead acid batteries: Pure Lead Thin Plate Carbon Technology

1. Outdoor cabinet

2. New energy storage

3. High voltage power station

4. Mobile Power Supply for Vehicles 

5. Base station with unstable power grid