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Heavy Duty- EFB Dual Purpose

Heavy Duty- EFB Dual Purpose

Large starting current, can be ignition starting instantly, with good low temperature adaptability, can be used in a broad rangebetween -20 to 55 degrees.

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ModelRated Voltage 20hr@
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1. Long life: Leoch marine battery has long life, adopts advanced valve-controlled EFB technology, and takes both deep cycle performance and high starting performance into consideration.

2. Valve control technology: Leoch marine battery uses a special high-sensitivity integrated safety valve to ensure certain internal pressure inside the battery, reduce water loss during using, and increase battery life.

3. Application of EFB separator : Leoch marine battery uses high strength, high porosity, and high resilience EFB separator, the separator porosity is as high as 90% or more, which improves the acid absorption of the separator and improves the battery capacity and starting ability; The resilience ensures the assembly pressure during the battery life, avoids the lead paste falling and improves the battery life

4. Bold parts design: Leoch marine battery adopts thick lead parts design, and the battery has the ability of continuous high current discharge.

5. High starting ability: Leoch marine battery adopts a unique lead paste formula , high CCA performance and stronger starting ability. At the same time, special carbon materials are added to the formula, and the battery has a higher charge acceptance ability

6. Reliable sealing structure: Leoch marine sealed lead-acid battery has a unique sealing structure to ensure the acid will not overflow

7. Low self-discharge rate: The use of high-purity raw materials and strict quality control greatly reduce the self-discharge during storage. The monthly self-discharge rate of the battery is less than 3%

8. Safe explosion-proof system: Leoch marine battery adopts a unique structure to ensure the safety of the battery

9. Super battery elasticity: Due to the unique design and additives, when it is deeply discharged to 0V, it can recover 90% of its capacity when charged with an initial current of less than 0.3C and limited 2.4V/cell for 2 weeks

10. Wide applicable temperature range: Using unique technology, it has excellent discharge performance at low temperature and strong corrosion resistance at high temperature. The temperature range is -20 to 55

11. Safety: Using EFB separator, maintenance-free design, to ensure that it can be placed in any direction

12. Simple maintenance: Excellent oxygen circulation capacity, no need to replenish water; only need to keep the battery connection line firmly, the surface clean and ventilation , the maintenance is very simple

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